How to invest in bitcoin – Should I invest in bitcoin?

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Bitcoin usage has received a lot of attention since the currency came about in 2009.

Known for its explosive nature almost to the same degree as its anonymous usage, bitcoins continue to draw sharp criticism but equally too, a lot of approval from quite unsuspected quarters. Bitcoin mining, in and of itself, began as a very quiet move, with little known even about its founders and early promoters.

Nonetheless, today it has become a household name, with leading media houses across the globe featuring news and developments on this currency.

That notwithstanding, Parliaments around the world have risen to discuss various aspects of bitcoin uses, including most recently the house of congress in the United States of America. Today, the issue most traders are battling with is how to invest in bitcoins, and if indeed they should invest in bitcoins.

The “if” and “how” to invest in bitcoin

To begin with, it is important to point out that in the early stages of bitcoins development, and over the last five years, this currency has witnessed tremendous rise and fall.

There have been instances when the bitcoins exchange rate against the American dollar has been as low as 1BTC against $5, while in the recent weeks (2014), 1BTC has been seen to rise as high as $800! Sometimes, these fluctuations are witnessed within a single day, in the mornings quite low, and quite high in the afternoons! Of course, this is the very unpredictable part of speculation in trading.

To the high spirited, this has always been a serious moment of turning around their financial and social standing. As such, they keep monitoring the leading bitcoins exchanges and sites like Bitstamp, BTCChina, BitcoinCentral, Mt.Gox, Localbitcoins, and many others.

As a rule of the thumb, it is always advisable that in speculative kind of investments, you only put in money that you are ready to lose, just in case things do not go your way, like they surely do sometimes.

It would go without saying, that every other currency is invested in many other ways, besides exchange bureaus and the stock market, and so is bitcoins. quite a number of retailers, non-governmental organizations, friends and families have accommodated transactions involving bitcoins, and this would be a sure to trade and invest your coins.

What must remain clear to all bitcoins investors, is that the future is full of great promises, and bitcoins are here to stay. The returns for those who invest now, in small or large scale, will surely be worth the struggle.

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