How to get bitcoins for free – Earn bitcoins in x ways

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How to get bitcoins for free has been the line of thought many people have pursued, especially given the challenge that comes with the primary method of bitcoins acquisition, mining.

The good news is, you don’t have to work out the long algorithms using the mining software, since you can now earn bitcoins in a number of ways for free, or almost for free.

Today, anyone can easily earn bitcoins free by visiting some websites like bitvisitor.

The concept here is similar to that of watching your favorite movie in a given Tv Channel, but while doing so, you get exposed to chosen advertisement for various products from different companies.

By simply taking time to visit these websites, you might be required to click on various advertisements, for which you will earn yourselves a few coins.

Of course, the more you visit these sites, the more coins you receive. It should be noted, that of the only cost that you have to incur is your time. You will need to spend some considerable amount of time going from one site to another, and clicking through ads you might not necessarily be interested with.

On the other hand, some websites try to regulate the mode in which you earn your bitcoins free, by limiting the number of coins you earn in a day. They may require that you visit their sites on a daily basis and within specified time frames, to earn a predefined amount of coins. Dailybitcoins is one example of such sites.

Some other websites are renowned for their creative diversity in helping people earn bitcoins. You get a few coins for visiting their sites, but you also make more coins for reposting the advertisements on their page.

One may also be required to complete other small tasks like visiting other websites and browsing through the paying site for a defined period of time. As proof of visiting other websites, you might be required to answer a few simple questions.

Other simple tasks for which you can earn a few bitcoins for free, or even more depending on how much time is at your disposal, would include conducting surveys and of course sending your findings, creation of public bookmarks in given sites, or answering questions in sites that have forums for questions and answers, or earn bitcoins playing games.

Note: Since mining could be a bit involving for most people, earning bitcoins fast is an option that is at your doorsteps.

These options give you an ample time to interact with bitcoins and learn the basics.

This interaction and some coins for your time isn’t a bad idea at all- plus you never know- you could be in for a sweet surprise since the value of 1BTC may just shoot real high when you least expect. So keep earning the coins for free, the better options!

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