How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash – Buying BTC Tutorial

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Since Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, it’s generally difficult to buy with cash.

However, it may be difficult but it’s not impossible. How to buy bitcoin with cash? The use of VirWoX is very suitable in this case since VirWoX accept payments via UKash.

UKash is a system that functions via the purchasing of vouchers and using them where they’re accepted. VirWoX accepts these vouchers which means that you can buy them, and then purchase Second Life Lindens (SLLs), after which you can exchange those for bitcoins.

The process is pretty simple, actually, but there are some limitations. For example, there is a transaction limit of 500 euros a day.

This means that you won’t be able to purchase even a whole bitcoin a day at the current prices.

Right now you might be thinking that our math is off because 500 euros are approximately 682 dollars at the current rate and one bitcoin only costs 592 dollars. Very observant of you.

This is indeed the case and you would be absolutely correct if you didn’t jump to conclusions. We’re not that bad at math.

If you had been a bit more patient, we would’ve told you that there is also a 15% transaction fee, which means that about 102 dollars will be lost along the way, leaving you with approximately 580 dollars, which is less than a bitcoin at the current price.

The limitation alone means that cash is not the most favorable way for you to buy bitcoins, but when you add the fee, as well, it makes it even less viable.

Another way you can go for it is through Western Union.

Buying bitcoins through Western Union is easy but it will still have fees and every bitcoin will be at least 10% more expensive than if you use other means.

However, you should consider that buying bitcoins with cash, no matter how you proceed to it, will always be less beneficial for you than if you use any other method.

Still, if you insist on buying bitcoins with cash, we can’t really stop you but we can warn you to be careful. There are different groups and people that offer selling you bitcoins for cash with fraudulent intents.

Always make sure that you check the sources.

Don’t just agree to any old thing someone offers you. Look for reviews and opinions online and always take a look at the current bitcoin price before you accept anything.

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