What is a Bitcoin Wallet? How to get an online bitcoin wallet

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A Bitcoin Wallet is one thing to work hard and earn money, and another thing altogether to keep the money safe.

In the normal practices of life, people carry physical wallets for several reasons: to keep some of their easy to carry documents like National Identification Cards, Business Cards, Passport Size Photographs, Employments Cards, Credit Cards, Voter Registration Cards, ATMs, and so on.

However, for most people the main function of a wallet is to carry money, especially while going on trip. In the same vein, you will need an online bitcoin wallet for your virtual currency. It is this bitcoin purse that allows you receive money and to send money.

How to Get an Online Bitcoin Wallet

In the wake of serious technological advancement, one must carefully think through how to get a bitcoin wallet. To begin with, there are several types.

One of these is desktop wallet, which you can easily install in your computer. It is important to note that for this type, you are in full control of your wallet, hence the need for backing up your bitcoin wallet, just in case of a mechanical breakdown with your computer.

On the other hand, you can choose to have a mobile wallet, thanks to the coming of Smartphones. This would mean, that just like the traditional wallets, you can walk around and easily travel with your bitcoins wallet in your pocket, and use your bitcoins to make small payments, or even transfer bulk amounts of bitcoins with a lot of ease. The key of them is web wallet, otherwise called online bitcoins wallet.

Here, you will entrust the safety of your coins to the people hosting the website. How to make a secure bitcoin wallet in this regard will be depended upon the site you choose, especially given there are several sites readily available for hosting coins. Coinbase and blockchain are some of the examples.

It would therefore go without saying that the first step would include identification of a site you are comfortable with. Such would mean that the site is genuine, not involved in fraudulent activities, and with proper security enhancement features against possible hacking and subsequent loss of coins.

Once satisfied of these security measures, visit the website and locate the icon for starting a new wallet. For most websites, this icon will either be on the top left or right of the home page. Click on the button and follow the otherwise simple procedures. In most cases, all you would need is an email address and a password.

Of utter importance is the strength of your password. Be sure to enhance its strength by mixing letters of the alphabet with symbols and numerical, as well as with punctuation marks. This, coupled with a site that accommodates encryption, you will be good to go.

Using your email address as your username and strong password, log in to the site, and start to send or receive bitcoins!

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