Bitcoin Value Predictions – BTC Prices in 2014

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Technical analysis is the notion that past price and volume movements can help an analyst establish the movements in the future.

There is certainly some truth to this but in some cases making an accurate prediction is really hard.

Bitcoin has showed enormous movements over the past few years, with prices ranging from a few dollars at one point, to more than a thousand dollars at another.

This is why bitcoin value predictions are difficult to make.

This is also why it’s very important that if you decide to start trading and try to make some money out of the Bitcoin movements, please, make sure that you are only investing money you can afford to lose.

The market has great potential, but it’s uncertain so you would be wise not to risk something you can’t afford. Also, reading into fundamental and technical analysis might be beneficial for you. The more you know before you start trading, the better.

Now that we’ve issued a warning, here’s a bitcoin price prediction in the following months. Bitcoin’s ascension to over $1,000 levels at its peak was followed by a significant drop in price.

However, no matter how much the price, it still didn’t reach the levels before the peak, and it went up again.

Right now it’s about 50% of the highest it’s ever been, which indicates that it has somewhat stabilized around these levels for the moment. However, as more and more people adopt the system, this is likely to change.

There seems to be an uptrend in the price which means that if Bitcoin breaks the current levels its price will exponentially grow. We may be looking at significant price increases a few months from now. Usually when bitcoin prices increase, they increase considerably. It’s not far-fetched to be looking at prices in the over $2,000 levels by September.

However, a downtrend cannot be excluded at this point, either. The fact that Bitcoin value has fluctuated so much in the past makes it extremely had to predict with a good level of accuracy what’s going to happen.

If the prices do go down, then we may be looking at a powerful downtrend that will lead the prices to levels at half their worth now. If this happens, then we may be looking at a bitcoin price of $260-$280.

As you can see, there is enormous amplitude between the expected highs and expected lows.

If you take a look at some older charts, you will see why. The bitcoin value 2012 was relatively steady, moving from about $4 at the lows to about $13 at the highs and staying at those levels.

Bitcoin value predictions 2013 could not have foreseen the value going up to $1,000 levels but it did. This only means that it’s hard to make further predictions so this amplitude is to be expected. Only the trends will show us where the price will go in the next few months.

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