Bitcoin faucet list – How do I get a bitcoin?

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The last six years have witnessed immense growth and tremendous transformation in the world of cryptocurrencies, in light of the number of faucets for bitcoins.

This can only become better in the coming days, as more and more businesses become more open to virtual currencies, and as more countries relax the tough stand they have had over virtual currencies in their rules and regulations.

Look at this Bitcoin faucet list

Various faucets tend to have different provisions.

There are those that would require you to engage in simple activities, and by doing so you would earn yourself some coins.

In some of the sites, you might need to do the many of the simple jobs to get a significant number of coins, since the payouts are usually minimal.

On the other hand, some would be a bit generous, and offer better incentives for say clicking on adverts on the sites, watching videos uploaded on their sites, simple data entry, re-tweeting advertisements, sign up for different accounts, download and install specified applications, or posting simple reviews and comments in various forums.

Here is list of various bitcoin faucet:
Nubtek Faucet
Fibonacci Faucet
Daily Free BTC
KVVS Faucet
Faucet of Galatorg
Free Bitcoin Faucet
TRZN Faucet
MMO Club Faucet
HotSwap Faucet
BitcoinHahn (German)
Yet Another BTC Faucet
Infinity Faucet
The Dark Side Faucet
CoinDebits Faucet
Grifo Bitcoin
BTC Flow
RainbowBTC Faucet

Note: there are certain faucets that prefer to quantify number of hours spent on the site, and so they pay visitors some allowances on an hourly basis.

During a given hour, all you would need to do is to keep clicking the provided links at given intervals.

Essentially, you could be doing something more meaningful every say 4 minutes and check in on the site on the 5th minute to click again and proceed. Alternatively, you could engage in something more passive like watching your favorite movie as you get paid for that!

Opportunities to earn free bitcoins will surely come your way in a big way – do you have your bitcoin address ready?

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